Our Story


Born out of passion for art and nature and a love of jewelry. 

Maru is a contemporary designer jewelry brand based in Amman, Jordan and inspired by nature, art, architecture, travel and hint of life’s energy. Our every day jewelry pieces showcase a sense of understated glamour with a touch of playfulness and a genuine approach to sustainability. The jewelry is exclusively made of 18k gold adorned with natural diamonds and gemstones and meticulously crafted to high quality standards.

The name Maru is inspired by a village in northern Jordan built at the top of a green hill and named after its white stone houses. The word Maru means “quartz” in Arabic and “clear” in the Jordanian spoken language, which lends itself perfectly to inspire authenticity in our jewelry pieces.

The brand was co-founded in 2020 by a creative and passionate duo, Lana and Zaid after attaining multiple degrees in jewelry design and making from GIA Dubai and DIA Amman.

All of the pieces are handcrafted in Jordan to high quality standards at the hands of masters in every jewelry making profession and who possess long years of experience in jewelry making.


The Designers 

Lana Cattan

Creative and marketing director

Inspired by nature, architecture, adventure and travel, she designs every piece to be a sculptural form of art with attention to detail and functionality.

Lana’s passion for art and design started at a young age, after graduating with a degree of fine arts she went on to work in a strategic role in advertising and communications for 12 years. Her experience shaped her creative skills, strategic thinking and her business acumen as she embarked on a journey of learning jewelry design and establishing the business of her dreams.

For lana, maru is the ultimate self-expression of her art and a way to connect with those who wear her pieces. As jewelry has the power to hold stories, memories and feelings while also having the ability to transform, strengthen, and protect, Lana has set out on a journey to create self-empowering pieces of sculptural beauty and quality.


Zaid Barakat

Production Director

Coming from a family of jewelers, Zaid started his jewelry journey at a young age. He graduated with an engineering degree and continued to obtain 4 jewelry course certificates from GIA Dubai and 3 jewelry certificates from DIA Amman. In 2018 Zaid started his own workshop, making and selling wholesale gold jewelry, and then moved to establish Maru.

Zaid’s engineering degree helped him bridge the gap between design and functionality and his background enables him to create pieces that push boundaries in terms of techniques, structures and mechanisms.