18k gold

We use 18k gold, the purest form of gold that’s practical to use in jewelry, it provides a gorgeous appearance and a rich color, it does not scratch easily and it does not cause allergies to the skin, but most importantly it’s the one piece of fashion that only gets more valuable with time!


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We choose the best diamonds for our jewelry to achieve that brilliant glow, our diamonds have a high clarity of VS 1&2 and are colorless to near colorless (F-H)


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Precious & Semi-precious Gemstones

We only use natural gemstones graded AAA, which is considered “near perfect” stones that cut and polished to high standards. Most stones vary in color and might include some “impurities”, these impurities contribute to the hue of the gem, or it’s color under different lighting and other optical qualities that give natural gemstones not only their rarity, but also their unique beauty.


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Pearls are unique among gemstones because they don't arise from the depths of the earth but from the sea. They require no special cutting or polishing to maximize their lustrous beauty. We use grade AAA freshwater pearls and each is unique in luster, shape, character and size.


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